• Chromebooks are great, but what if you make a project at home on Microsoft Word or Power-point, and need to share it on a Chromebook?  Since Chromebooks rely upon web-based files and wireless access to the internet, they have limited ability to store files.  The Chromebook does not have  Microsoft Software on it, so it can't open Microsoft documents.  Click on the video link below to see a simple solution to this problem.
    Basically there are three options.
    Bring your project on a thumbdrive (may or may not work)
    Upload your project to Google Docs and turn it into a Google Presentation (will work, but you may lose some formatting and animations)
    Upload your project to Microsoft Skydrive (will allow you to present in your original format)  This video explains how to do upload to the Skydrive.
    What's your best bet?  Since it only takes seconds, why not do all three?   
Last Modified on May 21, 2014