• 2018 - 2019 RHES PTO Executive Board

    President - Marquex Faulkner

    Vice President of Events - Tressa Ortiz

    Vice President of Fundraising - Laurie White

    Treasurer - Lizzie Huff

    Secretary- Stacey Schoeffler

    Volunteer Coordinator- Stacy Dillenburg


    A note from the President...

    RE: Switching our PTA to a PTO

    Dear Round Hill Families,

    We are writing to let you know about a change we’re proposing for our school parent group. We have rescheduled the meeting as previously noted to provide additional information to Virginia PTA as they required. 

    The new meeting will be Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 8:30 am in the teacher’s lounge. 

    For the most part, if this change happens, you won’t see much of a difference in how our group operates and what we do for the school. Making Round Hill Elementary School a great community for our kids, teachers and families is and will always be our priority. There will be some behind-the-scenes/technical changes, but we’ll take care of those at the Board level; nothing for you to worry about there.

    We’ll discuss in more detail at the meeting, but the biggest reasons for the proposed change are:

    1. No Dues. As a PTA, we have to charge dues for RHES Families to be members, where as a PTO we do not. With our school’s focus on fostering a sense of community among the students, we want to do the same with our families. We believe that all RHES parents/guardians and staff members should automatically be members of the parent group and are looking forward to this change.


    1. Keep all dues here at school. You may not know this but we actually don’t get to keep all of your PTA dues dollars here at school. Out of the $7.00 you have paid in the past, we have to pay $3.75 for each member to higher levels of PTA. We have learned that there is also a proposed increase for those dues of $1.25 per person next year. We think we can do better using that money right here at RHES.


    1. We really haven’t used many of the services offered by the PTA for many years now and are confident we can do just as well (or even better) as a PTO. PTOs are independent and we can set policies and procedures that work specifically for Round Hill Elementary School and our community.


    1. No politics. While we don’t talk about it much here at school, the National PTA is actually pretty active as a lobbying organization. We don’t have any specific issues with the positions the PTA lobbies for, but we are fortunate to have the issues that are most important to our students being addressed locally and we are confident that focusing on serving our school, our students, and building upon our strong community within Round Hill Elementary is more in line with the needs of our school community.

    As always, we hope you can join us at the meeting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our Board members at any time at roundhillpta@gmail.com

    Thank you!

    Your Round Hill Elementary School PTA Board

    Marquex Faulkner, President ▪ Tressa Ortiz, Vice President/Events

    Laurie White, Vice President/Fundraising ▪ Lizzie Huff, Treasurer ▪ Stacey Schoeffler, Secretary



    571-781-BEAR (2327)
Last Modified on May 23, 2019