•   Quarter 4 PPT Lessons and Assignments
    April 2 and 3:  Business Ethics- Class Discussion
    Class Activity:  Students work in small groups to research an unethical business practice that made the news within the past 10 years.  Students prepare a PPT presentation to outline and highlight the event.  Email to mbelote.  50 Points 
     April 25 and 27: Pricing Products and Services PPT
    Class Activity:  Psychological Pricing Strategies- Students work independently or with a partner to research a psychological pricing strategy and prepare PPT explanation for the class.  Instructions are found on Slide #5 of Pricing Products and Services PPT Lesson above.  E-mail to mbelote@lcps.org   50 Points 
    April 29 and 30:  Pricing Products and Services - Complete PPT Lesson
    Class Activity:  Determining Base Price-  Students work with independently or with partner to establish a base price for selected items in the Falcons' Nest.  Instructions are found on last slide of Pricing Products and Services PPT above.  50 Points 
     May 1 and 2:  Purchasing Products PPT
    Class Activity:  Compare Merchandising Strategies of two stores with similar or same product mix.  Students work independently or with a partner to complete the class activity- instructions located at end of PPT slide.  Email to mbelote@lcps.org   50 Points 
     May 5 and 6: Product Planning PPT 
    Class Activity:  Students work independently or in a small group to research a the brand and brand extension of a product produced by a major corporation.   Assignment instructions located on last slide of PPT lesson.   Email to mbelote@lcps.org   50 Points
    May 8 and 9:   Risk Mgt. PPT
    Class Activity-  Students work in small group and brainstorm to idenitfy 4-5 polices that businesses could implement to reduce INTERNAL shrinkage and 4-5 polices that could reduce EXTERNAL shrinkage.  Email to mbelote@.lcps.org  . 50 Points
                              Adv.Marketing Portfolio Assignment Due Dates
    Seniors Exempted from Final Exams Complete the Personal Marketing Plan PPT and submit by e-mail to mbelote@lcps.org by June 5, 2014 .  100 Points
    Seniors who are NOT Exempted from Final Exams must complete the Personal Marketing Plan PPT and arrange a date and time to present to Mrs. Belote during the day June 6, June 9, or June 10.   The Final Exam is 20% of the Semester 2 Grade.
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