• Advanced Marketing Quarter 3 PPT Lessons and Assignments

    February 2nd     Students worked with partner to complete the unit pretest for Promotion.  Class discussion and review of concepts.
                                  Class review of the concepts of promotion and promotional mix.  
                                  Class Assignment:  Apply promotional mix to a company/product- found on last page of PPT presentation- 50 Poitns
    February 6th       Complete assignment
    February 10th       PPT Lesson- Promotional Plan- PPT Lesson: Promotion and Promotional Plan
    February 12th        Continue with Promotion and Promotional PPT lesson; discuss trade shows; Consumer vs Promotional Allowances   
    Feb. 17th-                 Snow Day
    Feb. 19th-               Two- Hour Delay; Students completed in-class project with a partner or small group (no more than 3 people) to prepare a Promotional Plan for the Falcons' Nest.   E-mail PPT to mbelote@lcps.org.  50 Points.  Due end of class
    Feb. 23rd-               Two-Hour Delay; quick review of Consumer vs Promotional Allowances from PPT Lesson above
                                    Class Assignment:  Students work with a partner to develop a Consumer Promotion for the Falcons' Nest and prepare a                                 PPT proposal to deliver to the class. (Assignment found on last slide of Promotion and Promotional Plan PPT.   50 Points.  Due end of class
    Feb. 24th                  Class Presentations of Consumer Promotion
    Feb. 26th                   Flexible Day/ Make-up work
    March 2nd:              Snow Day 
    March 4th:               Video Lesson- Entrepreneurship- We Bought a Zoo
    March 5-6th:            Snow Days 
    March 9th -10th:   PPT Lesson: Entrepreneurship-  Class discussion and review of PPT lesson.
                                Class Activity:  Students work with a partner to research a famous entrepreneur.  Prepare a PPT summary of the information                               that was found.  Information should include:  Basic Biography; What business the entrepreneur started; how they got their                               start; current status of the entrepreneur/business and value of the business; and finally the traits of this entrepreneur that                               made them so successful. Due Next class.  50 Points
    March 13-17:       PPT Lesson: Management - Class lecture and discussion of Management.
                                  Class Activity:  Students work with a partner to identify type of management (vertical or horizontal) and identify the                               organizational structure including job titles and responsibilities of a business. Prepare PPT presentation to share out with                               class. Presentation due March 16th.  50 Points.
    March 17:            Class presentations followed by class activity applying the steps to solving problems.  50 Points
    March 19:            Functions of Management PPT   Class Activity  50 Points
    March 23:            Quiz Management; Problem Solving; and Functions of Management / Make-Up Assignments
    March 25:            Video Lesson:  Supervision and Management / Make Up Assignments
    March 27:         School Store Lab  
    End of Quarter 3
    All make-up assignments and work must be completed and turned in to Mrs.Belote by end of class on Friday,  March 27, 2015 for Quarter 3. 
    Co-Op folders completed and due by March 23rd.  
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