• Marketing I  Quarter 3 PPT Lessons and Assignments

     Jan 22 and Jan 25-28:  Snow Days
    Quarter 3/Semester 2 Start date adjusted for snow days
    Feb. 1- B Day- beginning of Qtr 3 (2 hour delay)
    Feb. 2- Make- Up work/ Review requirements for Ad Campaign project
    Feb. 4- Senior Meeting/ begin Ad campaign project in class 
     Feb. 5- Student Holiday
    Feb. 9- Snow Day
    Feb. 11- Review ad campaign- Students worked in small groups to complete the Ad Campaign assignment and prepare for class presentation.  Oral presentations will be graded on content as well as professional delivery of PPT presentation.Ad Campaign RUBRIC 
    Advertising Campaign PPT Lesson and Project Assignment (project assignment found on the last slide of  PPT Lesson)
    Feb. 15- HOLIDAY
    Feb. 16- Snow Day
    Feb. 18- Ad Campaign- Class Presentation 50 Points 
    Feb. 22- PPT Lesson- Visual Merchandising PPT Lesson and Activity  class lecture and discussion on visual merchandising and use of merchandising techniques to promote products and services.  Students work with partner to create a visual merchandising plan for The Falcons' Nest (school store) This activity is found on the last slide of the PPT lesson.
    Feb. 24-Class Presentation 50 Points
    Feb. 26- Ethical Issues in Promotion- Case Studies- Students work in small groups to review case studies in ethical issues in promotion and complete a brief PPT summary of the case, the ethical delimmea that it presents, and the students' recommendations in how to handle resolve the issue 50 Points- This is a quick in-class activity.  Students complete the assignment in first 30 minutes of class then each group shares out their case within this class period.
    March 1 - School Closed for Primary Elections
    March 3 Students prepare for SLC competition; work in school store; or use time to catch up on missing work 
    March 7-  School Store Displays
    March 9-   PPT Lesson: Product Life Cycle- Students learn about and discuss the product life cycle.  Working in small groups, complete the class project found on the last slide of the PPT lesson.
    March 7- Product Planning Presentations to class (Product   50 Points
    March 9- PPT Lesson-
    Importance of Branding/ National and Private Brands
    March 11-  Difference between brand name and brand
    March 17-  Distribution Channels
    March 21- 25- SPRING BREAK!
    March 28-  PPT Lesson Pricing Goods and Services  Class discussion and lesson on concept of pricing goods and services.  Following PPT lesson, students divide into small groups.  Each group selects ONE process question to address (listed at end of PPT).  Students conduct research on Internet to prepare a brief PPT explanation to the questions and presents their findings to the class.  50 Points
    March 30- Pricing Activity in The Falcons' Nest
    April 1-Press Release and Related Promotional Materials- Introduce Topic- Quarter 3 Assessment  100 Points
    April 5-  Group work during class
    April 7- Group work during class
    April 11 - Class Presentations Q 3 Assessment/Project
    April 13- Class Presentation Q3  Assessment/Project
    April 14- END OF QUARTER 3 
    April 15- STUDENT HOLIDAY/ Teacher Workday 
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