• German 2---Semester 2


    Theme 4: die Fete

    -Use ordinal numbers

    -Inviting someone to a party and accepting/declining the invitation

    -Compare and contrast holidays in Germany and the United States

    -Use the dative case

    -Discuss gift ideas and having a party

    -Discuss where you could go to have a party

    -Past tense of schenken, kaufen, geben, bekommen

    Theme 5: Urlaub und die Vergangenheit

    -Use the past tense to report past events

    -Continue to speak in the conversational past

    -Explore key places in Germany

    -Introduce German speaking countries, neighboring countries, capitals

    -Introduce prepositions in and an

    -Ask/describe how you liked a place you visited (gefallen)

    Theme 6: Gesundheit and Krankheit

    -Body parts

    -Describe what you do and do not do for your health

    -Express approval/disapproval

    -Compare and contrast reflexive verbs and their pronouns in German and English

    (s. fit halten, s. ernaehren, s. fuehlen, s. freuen)

    -Use kein

    -Use the modal verb duerfen

    -List reasons why you do or do not do/eat something

    -Inquire about someone’s health and responding

    -Asking/expressing pain

    -Ask for and give advice

    -Express hope/well wishes

    -Identify the difference between Drogerie and Apotheke

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