• German 1---Semester 2

    Theme 4: Family          

    -Identify family members

    -Identify colors

    -Describe relationships, physical features, personality traits, likes and dislikes

    -Use separable prefix verbs

    -Discuss where you live

    -Use possessives to talk about family members

    -Discuss family structure and different cultural aspects in German speaking countries

    Theme 5: Food and Drink

    -Vocabulary related to goods

    -Request food in a variety of ways

    -Understand cultural differences related to eating out

    -Compare and contrast stem vowel change verbs

    -Discuss shopping for food/drinks and the cultural differences

    Theme 6: Fashion

    -Review colors and adjectives

    -Identify clothing items

    -Express opinions on clothing items

    --Review separable verbs


    Theme 7:  Household chores

    -Describe rooms in a house and furniture items

    -Discuss household chores and tell what you have to do

    -Compare and contrast modal verbs

    -Use regular commands to tell others what to do

    -Use accusative pronouns

    -Describe cultural differences in helping out around the house





Last Modified on January 27, 2014