AP Exams

    The AP Exam registration deadline of November 1st is quickly approaching. This email is to serve as a follow up to a letter sent out to parents of AP students sent Oct 2nd, Titan Time, presentations, and classroom announcements. 

    There have been substantial changes to the AP Program this year. For a detailed presentation on the changes please view the presentation:19-20 AP Program Information for Students


    One key distinction between this year and year's past is the student's responsibility to:

    1. Join their AP Class through myap.collegeboard.org using your College Board student account. Teachers have provided these join codes. 
    2. After students join the classroom, they must confirm they are taking the AP Test. 
    3. Pay for the exam. 

    A presentation was shared with all students in their Titan Time. A copy is found here


    Students, parents, or guardians are responsible for the cost of the AP exam.  Each exam is $85.00, which must be paid by November 1, 2019 a deadline set by the College Board.  Students who register for an AP test after this deadline will be charged a $40.00 late fee, per late test registration, in addition to the $85.00 exam fee. The College Board does not allow for exam adds or drops after March 6, 2020. If a family needs to arrange for a payment plan or anticipates difficulty in paying for the exam, the family should speak confidentially with Dr. Brewer, Principal, or Mr. Edwards, Director of School Counseling.


    An on-line payment portal is available for electronic payments on the LCPS website (www.lcps.org) under Quick Links as “Online Fee Payment.”  You may also directly access this link by visiting: https://tinyurl.com/DHSPaymentPortal.  Parents and students must use the LCPS online payment portal instead of the school’s online payment portal system. There are no additional fees. Checks or cash payments are also accepted by the Counseling Secretary in the School Counseling Office.


    You may find the AP exam administration schedule here.  Parents/guardians/students must provide their own transportation to the school on the day of testing. Please make every effort to schedule vacations, appointments, or other activities on dates that do not conflict with the testing dates. Make-up testing is permitted for verified emergencies only.


    Students attending the Academies of Loudoun may choose whether to take their AP test at the Academies or their home school on days they are scheduled to attend classes at the Academies. Further information will be provided to students attending the Academies regarding registration and payment. Please review the information carefully.


    Additional information for parents and students can be accessed through the College Board’s AP Bulletin. If you have further questions about AP exams, please contact your child’s AP Teacher or school counselor.