• Music Lab 6 2019-2020 Important Information 
    Music Lab 6 is the only non performing class we offer as a music class to sixth grade students.  Regardless of there not being concerts, students and parents/guardians need to know the following information: 
    1.  Students will have nylon string classical guitars to use at school. 
    2.  Each student may rent/purchase a classical guitar for home use OR stop by during Welcome Zone to practice the school guitars. 
    3.  Each student will need to buy a method book:  Everybody's Guitar Method 1 (red in color) by Groeber, Hoge, and Sanchez.  This book as well as classical guitars are available through our local music stores. If you have a home guitar you should have a book for home.  The books we use in class cannot be written in, and will stay in class.
    4.  Each student will need to learn how to read traditional music notation.  Worksheets and exercises will be available during class. 
    5.  Students are expected to practice their guitars several tmes per week.  Improvement and enjoyment will not happen without practice. Welcome Zone practice time is open 5 days per week.
    6.  Students will perform in groups during class and will also do videos of their songs for playing test grades. 
    7.  Students will learn some music theory and some music history as well during this class.
    I look forward to teaching our new 6th grade students all about the guitar, music theory and music history. 
    Please email me if you have questions.  Here is a link to my email address.
Last Modified on September 18, 2019