• Spelling Routine:
    Individualized Spelling Rationale' -  Please Read!
    Pretest word lists: test 1: test 2test 3:
    Quarter one and two:  


    Weekly lists:  (always have 10 words)


    1.)  Words from my lists come from misspelled words in my writing.


    If I do not have “10” misspelled words; then I go to:


    2.) Word Study words:


    These are words you misspelled when given beginning of year tests.  These are located on the second page of your spelling composition book.


     If I do not have “10” misspelled words from these two lists, then I go to:



    3.) The current book I am reading:


    I look for words that fit one of the categories below:


    New words – these are words that are brand new to you.  You do not know the definitions or how to use the word in a sentence.


    Challenging words - these are words you can pronounce and use in a sentence, but you would have trouble spelling them.


    Interesting words - these are strange words that authors sometimes use.  They may not even be real words.

    Weekly Homework: (I must complete two assignments for each unit.  All units and assignments are completed or placed into my spelling composition book.)



    You must always complete two of the following assignments each week.


    1.) Write your unit words “5” times each.


    2.) Write your unit words in complete sentences; one unit word per sentence, ten in all.


    3.) Separate each unit word by its syllables and write each word in alphabetical order. (Use a dictionary)


    4.) Write one definition for each of your unit words. (Use a dictionary)


    5.) Use a thesaurus to find another word for your unit word.  If one of your words is not in the thesaurus, write a definition for that word.


    6.) Make a crossword or word search for all your unit words.  (You may use puzzlemaker.com)


    7.) Create your very own assignment; you must get your teacher’s approval first!



    • Place all of your correctly spelled words from each week’s spelling test into the dictionary section of your composition book.
    • Words in this section are words you have learned to spell.  You will have quarter comprehensive tests on these words.  Be sure to put your words in the appropriate quarter on each page of your dictionary.
    • I keep a record of how many words you spell correctly each quarter.  Be sure you take time and place your correctly spelled words into your dictionaries each week.  This will be graded once a quarter.
    Quarter three and four:
    Wordly Wise Program - this is a series that challenges students with vocabulary.  It will increase the students vocabulary skills and abilities, but it is challenging.  Each student has their own consumable workbook they work from.  Each week the students will have a lesson to complete.  Each lesson has 15 words and 5 different activities to complete.  I always introduce the lesson words each week and go over the activities to be sure students understand how to do each activity.  I take time to clarify any questions and confusion also.  Students have a week to complete the five activities. On the day the lesson is due, students will take a spelling test and we will check workbook activities together in class.  I record two grades weekly in Pheonix for each lesson; one for the spelling test and the other for the workbook activities.
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