• Crafting a WINNING College Application Essay
    1.      BRAINSTORM
    Many students are hesitant to sound boastful in their college essay.  Overcome this challenge by brainstorming three adjectives that best define you.  Focus on positive aspects that emphasize your strengths and how you intend to use them to further your personal academic development.
    2.     FIRST DRAFT
    Everyone knows the toughest part is just getting started.  Try to focus less on perfection and more on getting your ideas out on paper in the first draft, it will be much easier to visualize once your thoughts are organized.  You can always fix mistakes and edit in later revisions.
    3.      llllllllll  SPOTLIGHT
    This essay is your time to shine---so don't hesitate to put yourself in the spotlight.  Remember the three adjectives you brainstormed earlier and consider how they could be integrated into your essay topic in a relevant way.  Make sure everything you write supports a focused viewpoint, while illuminating your talents.
    4.   BE FRANK
    Don't change your name to Frank---just be honest and personal.  For example, if a topic asks why you want to attend a certain college, don't just rehash the same old reasons everyone else will give; make it your own and show that you really have something to gain from attending that school---and to contribute as well.

    5.      PERFECT IT
    Once you've created your masterpiece, make sure you're not the only one that sees it that way.  Get your friends, family and teachers to give you their feedback.  Refine, refine, refine until it's worthy of framing in a museum.  Make sure to check carefully for grammar and spelling mistakes---nothing feels worse than a tyop that could have been avoided.
    Just kidding, do NOT soak your essay in soap and water; but do practice writing various essays and repeating the above tips each time.  Before you know it, writing college application essays will be second nature to you.
    The Coca-Cola Company and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund have partnered to bring you some tips to make your essay as unique and refreshing as your are.