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    Teacher Cadet at Woodgrove High School

    Application Packet for 2020-2021 

    Course Syllabus

    36-Week Plan

    Teacher Cadet Field Experience Manual

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who takes Teacher Cadet?

    Juniors and/or seniors who are mostly interested in the education profession.  Some are interested in being classroom teachers but others want to work with students who have special needs, others are interested in pursuing career paths that are categorized as education adjacent (i.e. museum educator, curriculum writer, video game developer, college admissions specialist), yet others are interested in a specific area within education (i.e. counselor, speech therapist, occupational therapist, autism teacher).  Some students who take Teacher Cadet are interested in learning how to work with children of varing ages and abilities because of a career path unrelated to education (i.e. pediatrician, lawyer, engineer).  A former Woodgrove HS Teacher Cadet wanted to build prosthetic limbs for children using smart technology so she completed her field experience in an elementary PE classroom so she could better understand skill development and movement.

    In summary, most students are interested in teaching and learning, but some are not--if you want to pursue a career that has an impact on children or adolescents then Teacher Cadet is a good place to start!   

    Is Teacher Cadet a lot of work?

    It's a dual enrollment course through Shenandoah University where students who earn a B or higher earn 4 college credits.  Teacher Cadet has comporable rigor of any 4 credit college course.

    What is the Field Experience?

    Every Teacher Cadet completes 40 hours working in a classroom under the guidance and supervision of a certified teacher.  The Teacher Cadet decides on what grade or content area s/he is interested in teaching and the Teacher Cadet instructor places him/her in their desired grade/content area.  The placement can be in public Elementary, Middle or High School classrooms.

    What Teacher Cadets Say About the Class...

    "It's a really fun class.  You learn a lot." R.M.

    "I like the part on history.  It was really interesting how public school has changed since the Revolution." A.D.

    "The work is interesting.  It's not worksheets and tests.  We do a lot of discussion, presentations, observations, and reflections." B.B.