• LEAD Password
    Your LEAD password is used to log-onto the network, Safari Montage, VISION, Outlook, My Learning Plan and now Google. This password must be changed every 90 days in order to provide maximum security, and should never be shared with another teacher, or students. You receive your LEAD username and password from your IFT (Instructional Facilitator, Technology). Any member of the Technology Team can issue a new password.
    Your LEAD password will often be your first initial, followed by your last name, followed by @lcps.org
    EX: Jane Doe would be JDoe@lcps.org
    Your password must be at least 8 characters long, and a combination of capital letters (A, B,C, etc.) , lowercase letters (a, b, c, etc.), numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.), and/or special characters (!, @, #, etc.) Your password must be changed every 90 days, and cannot be a password used in the past.
    EX: ThisismyPassword12!
    CMS Password
    The username and password for CMS (Content Management System) is not linked to LEAD, and does not have to be changed. You will get your initial CMS username and password from admin (via email) when you begin working with LCPS. Your TRT can change your password if needed.
    Ex: JDoe
    Ex: ThisismyPassword12!
    Google Drive
    While the password for G-Suite is now linked to your LEAD password the username remains the same, your firstname.lastname@lcps.org. 
    LCPS GO is a one-click location for almost any and all programs/applications that are used in LCPS. You can also reset your LEAD password in LCPS GO. Just make sure to set up the procedure in your profile.