Quarter 2:  Advanced Marketing  
    Nov 4, 2015 - January 28, 2016
    Nov. 4th:  School Store Lab
    Nov.  6th:  PPT Lesson- Promotion and the Promotional Plan- Class discussion and lecture through slide #9.  Students divided in to small groups and prepared a promotional plan for The Falcon's Nest- the school store at Briar Woods.  All components of the plan are summarized in a PPT presentation.  Students present their plans to the class on Nov. 12th.  50 Points
    Nov.12th:  Class Presentations ; complete PPT lesson that was begun on Nov 6th.through slide #25.  Review for Quiz
    Nov  16th:  QUIZ- Promotion;  Begin PPT Economics
    Nov. 18th:  Economics continued
    Nov. 20th:  Economics project
    Nov. 24th:  Video Lesson 
    Nov. 25-29:  Thanksgiving Break
    Dec. 1st:
    Dec. 3rd:
    Dec. 7th: Substitute Teacher- students worked independently on any make-up work
    Dec. 9th:  
    Dec. 10th:  Substitute Teacher- students work - Process Questions Assignment- Impact of Global Marketing on US
    Dec. 15th: School Store Lab- prepare for Holiday Sale
    Dec. 17th: Make-up work/ follow up from holiday sale/ organize store
    Dec. 19-Jan 3   Winter Break 
    Jan. 4th:  SMART goals submitted by each student
    Jan. 6th:  Economics PPT - Business Cycle PPT Lesson: Business Cycle, GDP, and Productivity - PPT Lesson through Busines Cycle.  After class discussion, students worked with a partner or individually to complete the Business Cycle assignment found in the PPT slides.  Turn in at end of class.  Email to mbelote@lcps.org  50 Points
    Jan 8th: Continue with PPT Lesson posted from Jan. 6th.  Topics:  GDP and Productivity.  After class discussion, students work individually or with a partner to complete the assignment found in PPT slides.  Students prepare a PPT presentation of their research.  Presentations will be delivered on Jan. 12th.  Professionalism, PPT Slide Technique, and Content will all be part of the assessment for this assignment.  100 Points
    Jan. 12th:  PPT Lesson-  Selling Products and Services.  Selling Project
    Jan. 14th:  Deliver Sales Presentations  50 Points
    January 18th:  HOLIDAY 
    Jan. 19th:  Review for Quarter 2 Test
    Jan. 21st:  Quarter 2 Test (canceled)
    Jan. 22:  Snow Day
    Jan. 25-29:  Snow Days
    Feb 2:  2 Hour Delay- PPT Lesson- Selling Products and Services-  Slides 1-11.  Students work in small group to complete assignment on slide 11 ( Identify buying motives for our school store in business-to-business sales situation (where we are the customer) then identify the top buying motives for OUR customers) Defend you decisions and create a PPT presentation that summarizes your group response.
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