• Quarter 2 Assignments, PPT Lessons, and Articles/Handouts
    Class Activity:  Students work with a partner to search the Internet and find an example of each form of promotion.  Assemble information in PPT slides and e-mail to mbelote@lcps.org.  Due end of class.  50 Points
    Nov 9th: 
    PPT Presentations delivered to class 
    Nov. 11th:
    Students reviewed the handout that explains the components of a print ad.  Working with a partner, students create a print ad that integrates the four components of a print ad AND the 4Ps of the marketing mix.  Email to mbelote@lcps.org  50 Points  
     Nov. 13th:  School store lab
    Nov. 17th:  Brief discussion about types of media in advertising.  Students work with a partner to research and compare the benefits and disadvantages of different types of media. Media Comparison (handout)  Due end of class.  50 Points
    Nov 23:  Introduction to Economics unit:  Scarcity and Supply and Demand Case Study (Wegmans and shortage of turkeys and canned pumpkin) Due end of class. 50 Points 

    Nov. 25-29  Thanksgiving Break

    Nov 30-- Economics PPT- basic economic terms and concepts   PPT Lesson.MktgI Economics Intro and Overview
    After reviewing PPT lesson and class discussion students worked with a partner to complete the comparison of three economic systems, of which one is the US.  50 Points 
     Dec. 2- Students completed Comparison of Economies assignment and emailed to mbelote@lcps.org  
    Dec. 4- Students worked in small groups or individually to complete Economic Process Questions assignment.  50 Points.
    Dec. 8- School Store Lab- Holiday Displays.  Students provided opportunity to volunteer to work in school store for a 50 Point lab grade to complete holiday display case and store interior displays.
    Dec. 10-  Substitute teacher in for Mrs. Belote- Assignment regarding concept of scarcity and Scarcity.Shortage Assignment
    Dec.  14- Complete Scarcity assignment and email to mbelote@lcps.org   Make up work day and school store lab day
    Dec. 16- Follow up from school store sale/ re-stock
    Dec. 18- Make up work day
    Dec. 19-Jan 3-  WINTER BREAK
    Jan. 5- Review of Economic terms covered prior to winter break.  Students completed the formative assessment individually then broke in to small groups to compare responses and prepare ONE paper to represent group responses.  Reviewed correct responses in class.
    Jan. 7- Economics PPT lesson  Scarcity.SupplyAndDemand- complete and deliver PPT presentations.  ScarcityAssignment.MktgI  50 Points
    Jan. 11- Economics PPT Lesson- Economics PPT.BusinessOwnership.  Class lesson and discussion on business ownership and relationship to free enterprise.  Students divided in to small groups and completed the business ownership activity.types of business ownership
    Jan 13- Economics PPT Lesson- Role of Profit in Private Enterprise
    Jan. 15- Profit and Free Enterprise Project- student presentations
    Jan. 18- HOLIDAY
    Jan. 20- Qtr 2 Test Review
    Jan. 22- Qtr. 2 Unit Test- Summative Assessment  100 Points
    Jan 22 and 25-29:  Snow Days 
    Feb 1- PPT Lesson:  Advertising Campaigns- The class participates in PPT lesson on ad campaigns then divides into small groups and conducts research on a high-profile ad campaign.  Students prepare an oral presentation and delivers PPT presentation the next class.50 Points.  Ad Campaign PPT PresentationRubric -
    Feb 3-- Advertising Campaign presentations    LAST DAY OF QTR 2 and SEM 1 

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