Seneca Ridge Middle School believes that communication between the school and families is essential for student success.  The process listed below provides guidelines for parents when they have questions or concerns regarding their child.  This process ensures that parents will contact faculty members best able to clarify situations and/or implement a solution plan. 

    1.       If you have a question or concern please start by asking your child.  Students at the middle school level are responsible and should be familiar with classroom expectations and assignments.
    2.       If you have a concern regarding your child’s course of study or their social/emotional well-being, you should contact the child’s counselor.  Counselors work closely with students. They welcome knowledge about changes or challenges at home as this information helps them reach children and assist them during the day as necessary.  Counselors can also help you set up meetings with your child’s team of teachers. Please access our School Counselors here

    3.       If you have a question or concern about your child’s academic progress such as homework, a particular assessment, a project, etc., please begin by emailing your child’s teacher.  They are the number one resource and will have the most insight on your child’s academic progress, work habits, current grades and status as well as their behavior during class.  Please allow teachers at least 24 hours to respond.  Teachers’ email information is listed on the website

    4.       If you have contacted your child’s teacher but feel the issue has not been resolved, the next step would be to contact your child's dean. Deans are very involved and could address questions and concerns regarding your child.  At this point, it might be beneficial to set up a conference with the dean, guidance counselor, and your child’s teacher to ensure your questions or concerns are fully addressed. Our deans are found on this website.

    5.       If concerns continue, it would be appropriate to contact one of the assistant principals or the principal.  We are very happy to assist you with any concerns but do not always have immediate, direct knowledge regarding your child that the teacher or dean would have. Our principal and assistant principals are found on this website

           The staff at Seneca Ridge Middle School has a great desire to openly communicate with parents/guardians and create a relationship between home and school.  Some other tools that can be used to communicate and learn information about your child’s education may be: our websiteteacher websites, the Thunderblast Weekly (Mr. Cottone's weekly newsletter), the Loudoun County Public Schools Newsroom, and the online grade book.



Last Modified on May 6, 2022