• Don’t Know a Word? What Should You Do?

    1.   Give your child WAIT time.      
    2.   Say “look at the picture”

    3.   Point to the word in another place

    4.   Say, "it rhymes with……"

    5.   Find the little word in the big word

    6.   Cover  the last part and then the first part of a compound word

    7.   Say, "skip the word and come back"

    8.   Say, "get another start, try again"

    9.   Say, "try to guess! What word makes sense? Does your guess look like the word you see?"

    10.  Use the words around it                  

    11.  Go back and re-read                        

    12.  Put another word in its place

    13.  Tell the word
    14.  DO NOT correct every word