• S.T.E.A.M. Ahead @ LEGACY!

    Dear Students~

             Here are some fabulous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Resources for Legacy Students! Test your knowledge, creativity and higher level thinking skills and have FUN too! The month and date that these sites were reviewed is shown in the parenthesis next each name. Please let Mr. McIntosh know if you find a website that doesn't work or takes you to a different website. As always, please make sure an adult knows what you are doing on your computer!   
    Gold Star Rollercoaster Creator (10/13) is a fun and entertaining building game for kids where you get to draw and design your very own custom-built rollercoaster track in the online amusement park. Create the ride of your life by inserting terrifying steep inclines, exhilarating loop-the-loops and hair-raising drops. Earn Thrill coins from your passengers (virtual coins with a red heart) by making your track more daring. Click HERE to begin! 

    Star Castle of Cards (10/13) is a fun, online card stacking game that requires logic and helps develop thinking skills. Your aim is to collect as many points possible while building a house of cards with the least number of cards wasted. You can choose to play a Practice or a Level mode. There are many different levels to choose from (Pyramide, Sphinks, La Tour feel, Bermuda Triangle etc.). If you choose to play Level mode, you must pass each level at least once in order to go to the next level or to play any previous ones. A larger house of cards has to be built with each level you reach. Click HERE to begin!

    star Jump Gear 2 (10/13) is a fun, clever and unusual side-scrolling driving game and game-designing activity where you can select to race on a pre-made track or you draw your own (At last - become the architect of your very own wacky race tracks!) You have a totally blank canvass to create awesome tracks that are as challenging or as easy as you like. Best of all, you get to test out your track creations, and race a cool little futuristic vehicle on them! Click HERE to begin! 


    star Weigh the Wangdoodles (10/13) Wangdoodles are the bouncy happy residents of Planet Algebra-5. Their sole function is to test Intergalactic Space Snacks developed by Dr. Decay. Unfortunately, these friendly little guys are experiencing a strange side effect. They grow larger whenever they test anything cold and shrink when they test anything hot. You've been hired by Dr. Decay to figure out how much the Wangdoodles weigh. Hint: Scrap paper and a pencil are helpful for this challenge! Click HERE to begin!
    -Links Courtesy of Hillside Elementary-
Last Modified on February 16, 2017