• Program Philosophy and Goals

    The program is a laboratory preschool and provides a practical hands-on learning experience for high school students in the care and guidance of young children. However, a goal for the program is to maintain and develop an excellent preschool. This program will serve the individual needs of our preschoolers as well as serve as a model for training our high school students to be the best future teachers, parents, and childcare givers.


    In addition to providing a training program, our students seek to provide a climate of warmth and understanding and a rich variety of experiences in a physical and social environment favorable for the development of children. Each child will be helped to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Through freedom in a structured environment, your child will be able to explore, experiment, create and discover at his or her own pace.


    The high school students plan, prepare and present innovative and creative educational activities, observe young children to understand their individual developmental needs as well as interact with the Patriot’s under the direction of Mrs. Joyner. In addition to the practical experience, our students are instructed in the theory of child development and research-based educational theories. Through this interaction and guidance, the high school students gain invaluable knowledge and experience that will be useful throughout their lives and will prepare them to continue their education in careers related to children.