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     Loudoun County Regional Math Tournament
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Can the students on the team be younger than 4th grade? Yes; however, these problems are challenging. We advise that you work with your student to be sure that s/he is interested in these challenging math problems.
    Review the practice problems found at: 
    Can my child buy a lunch? Closer to the Tournament date, the Tournament Director will work with coaches on lunch availability. It is likely that students will have the option to bring their lunch or purchase pizza. Details to be finalized in the beginning of March.
    Do all students have to be from the same school? No
    Can I register without having identified all 5 students on the team? Yes
    Can my team have fewer than 5 students? Yes, however, the team will be at a disadvantage during the Team Event. During the Team Event, each team will strive to solve 10 problems in 20 minutes. Problems increase in difficulty from first to last. Many problems take 3-5 minutes to solve.  If you need to substitute a team member due to illness or schedule conflict, then please contact the Tournament Director about the substitution procedure.
    I don’t have a team but would like my child to participate. Do you have suggestions? Yes! Contact your student’s teacher and see if s/he has other students who may make a good team.
    My child is good at math but I can’t help her solve the problems. Do you have suggestions? Yes! The example problems come with solutions. As you work the problems, you will get better at solving them. Work together with your student or ask friends or neighbors if they can help.
    What is the timing of the Tournament Schedule? This is an estimate:
         9am    Team check-in
         9:30    Welcome and Instructions for Individual Event
         9:40    Individual Event : 10 problems, 30 minutes 
         10:15  Break 
         10:30  Explanation of Individual Event solutions 
         10:50  Clear table and Prepare for Team Event
         11:00  Team Event : 10 problems solved cooperatively, 20 minutes
         11:30  Explanation of Team Event Solutions
         12:00  Lunch
         12:30  Tiebreakers : 5 problems, 1 at a time, up to 5 minutes each
         12:40  (or immediately following tiebreakers) - Awards
         1:00    Dismissal

    Can I drop my student off at the Tournament at 9am and come back at 12:30 for the Awards Ceremony? Please work with your student’s coach to confirm supervision, lunch arrangements, etc.
    My student has allergies, are there accommodations? Please let the Tournament Director know, and we can provide an allergy free table. Please have your student bring her/her lunch and snack.
    What should my student bring? Please bring pencils. We will not have extra in case someone forgets. Also please include a pencil sharpener as none will be provided.
    Where can I park? Dominion Trail has ample parking in the school parking lot.
    Where should I enter the building? There will be signs outside of the doors on where to enter.
    Where do I meet up with my team? Teams should consider coming together in one car which makes meeting up with the team easier. If you are coming separately, there will be an area for coaches and team members to meet up. Coaches should have all team members together with 1) emergency contact information for the day and 2) either a packed lunch or money to buy lunch before proceeding to registration. Registration will start at 9am. All teams should be checked-in and ready for instructions by 9:30.

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