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     Loudoun County Regional Math Tournament
    Coach Expectations
    1. Be a source of contact between the Regional Math Tournament Director and the 5 student team.

    2. Prior to the Regional Math Tournament, meet with students around 6-8 hours over 6-8 sessions to practice problems. Problems will be provided in mid January. The amount of meeting time depends on the students.

      The Regional Math Tournament will provide two complete sets of previous years’ tournament problems for practice. Additional materials can be accessed on the Math Olympiad website www.moems.org or by purchasing Math Olympiad books.

    3. Work with team members to develop a strategy for the team round portion. 

      The Team Event involves the 5 student team solving 10 problems in 20 minutes.

      Problems increase in difficulty from first to last.

    4. Provide a positive, encouraging philosophy with students to promote excitement about Math and working through challenges.

    5. Compile and maintain an emergency contact list for the 5 students in case of emergency.

    6. Work with Team parents for disseminating information from the Tournament Director (eg arrival time, check-in, lunch plans, etc).

    7. Stay with students during the Tournament to act as mentor and chaperone. Coaches will proctor another team during the Individual and Team Rounds. 

      Activities may include: assisting students with name tags, providing extra pencils & paper; leading students to Team table, supervision during break, lunch, finding restroom, clearing team table area (scratch paper, problems & solutions) between rounds, addressing behavior issues, asking questions to the Tournament Director, staying with students until parent pick-up, etc.

    8. It is recommended that coaches bring a bag (eg backpack, briefcase, etc) to store lunch ticket(s), extra pencils, scratch paper, completed problems and solutions, etc.

Last Modified on December 2, 2019