• Sample STEM Design Brief



    Nuclear Reactor Containment

    STEM Design Challenge

    “NXT Lego Robotics”


    Team Members:       ___________________________________






    Block- ____________



    STEM Challenge-

    Your team must build and program a robot that will collect the uranium fuel rods in the Eagle Ridge Nuclear Reactor before a meltdown will occur.  You robot has enough fuel for two-90 seconds trips into the reactor core that is heavily polluted with radiation.  Your team must place the sum of 7 of the 10 fuel rods in the containment area to save the Eagle Ridge community of a nuclear disaster.  If your team only gets the sum of 7 or less,  ……BOOM – “F”.   May the force be with you!  Each team must print out their programs that they created.



    -         Split your team up into builders and programmers.

    -         Possible two programs are needed to go forward and one for reverse.

    -         Design your collection device to hold as many cups as possible.

    -         Have a team member help hold the wires during testing.



    Typical Reactor Layout ERMS




    Each Team Must have these questions completed by the conclusion of the

    2nd attempt.


    Write Internet address used :  www.________________________________


    List and describe what each of the 5 components of the containment unit. 10 points each, 50 max.

    1-    Core-

    2-    Fuel Rods-

    3-    Pressurize-

    4-    Heat Exchanger-

    5-    Pump



    Please describe/outline how energy is created in a nuclear reactor.  50 points max.





    What is a “meltdown?” 20 points max.




    List 3 reasons why robotics used in nuclear reactors. 10 points each, 30 point max.







    With the shortage a power across the U.S., should the U. S. pursue the construction of future nuclear reactors?  Pro or Con?  List why with supporting facts and data.  50-point max.

















    Grading 500 total points possible.


    Fuel Rod Containment 200 points possible.      

    Each cup is worth 20 points.

    7 cups gathered would be a 70% / D-.

    10 cups gathered would be a 100% / A+.


    Computer program 100 points possible.


    Written Assessment 200 points possible.




    Your Team Grade:


    Number of cups collected  ____ X  20 Points each Cup  =  ______ Points / 200 max


    Computer Program- did it work correctly?……………. =  ______ Points / 100 max


    Written Assessment-…………………………………...=  ______ Points / 200 max



                                                                                ______ Total Points






    Mr. Walters

    Technology Education 8

    Eagle Ridge Middle School