• The Technology and Engineering Education program at Eagle Ridge Middle School incorporates modular education and design briefs focusing on real world problem solving to achieve student success with technology. Our program goals are to assist students in exploring multiple areas of technology and preparing for appropriate educational and technological choices as they relate to the real world. These goals are designed to provide active learning situations and higher-order thinking skill development through problem solving experiences.

    Students spend 1 rotation in a module and then are pulled into team activities that explore various areas of technology through design briefs and challenges. These design briefs allow students to combine their technical knowledge and experiences to solve problems in a team environment. They also allow students to apply their knowledge and skills to real world problems. Through a multimedia approach to learning we’ve been able to connect with the students of the 21st century.


    Modular Programs

    Research & Design Laboratory

    Design Briefs / Problem Solving Activities

    Semester & Year Long Courses – Block Schedule (90 min.)