• Vision Statement
    The students of Smart's Mill Middle School are a diverse population that are technology competent, knowledgeable, and possess many life experiences at such a young age.  The vision of the Smart's Mill School Counseling Department is to empower these students with the skills and abilities necessary to develop an intrinsic motivation necessary to achieve success in high school and post-secondary pursuits. Together, we strive for all students to become socially competent, self-reliant, life-long learners in their community and beyond.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of Smart's Mill Counseling department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental, data-driven counseling program that addresses the academic, personal, career development, and social needs of all students. Through individual counseling, small groups, and classroom guidance, we will support all students, promote a sense of belonging, and instill a personal ethic towards self-improvement. Our team strives to empower each student to realize his/her potential, and to acquire the skills and attitudes that will enable them to be successful in their academic and personal pursuits. While collaborating with administration, teachers, parents, and the community, we will foster a safe and supportive environment to encourage life-long learning.
Last Modified on August 31, 2020