SEPTEMBER 2017

    SURVIVAL ASL- Basic Survival ASL


    American Sign Language (ASL)
    is the preferred language used by Deaf community. It is their natural language and has a very rich history behind the language. It includes signs and fingerspellings.


    Fast Facts about American Sign Language:


    ASL is NOT universal.

    ASL is most similar to French Sign Langauge.

    There are different kinds of sign languages all over the world.

    90% of the DEAF have HEARING parents.

    ASL is only used in the U.S. and Canada.

    In the Deaf Culture when you arrive late to a meeting (or class) you have to explain why you were late?



    What to do when you are introducing yourself:

    Your Name and Last Name

    Whether you are Deaf or Hearing

    Who is your ASL teacher?

    Why are you taking ASL class?


    ENGLISH                                                                                          AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE

    Hello.. or What's up?                                                                        HELLO/WHAT'S UP

    How are you?                                                                                    HOW YOU?

    What is your name?                                                                          YOU/YOUR NAME WHAT?

    Nice to meet you.                                                                               NICE MEET YOU.

    My name is....                                                                         MY NAME (fingerspell)

    I am doing good/bad/so-so                                                                ME GOOD/BAD/OK

    Nice to meet you too.                                                             YOU TOO (SAME)

    See you later.                                                                                      SEE LATER

    Who is your ASL teacher?                                                               YOU A-S-L TEACHER WHO?



    Face Expressions: Please use them! It is very important! You will need to use them when talking to a Deaf person. PRACTICE ALWAYS!




    Introduce                                Learn                                       Bathroom                                 Know

    Help                                       Friend                                      Yes                                          No

    Again                                      Understand                              I don't Understand                   Stop

    Fun                                         Go Out                                    Please                                      More

    See                                        Later                                       Tomorrow                               Nothing         



    BATHROOM WHERE? (where is the bathroom?)

    I WANT INTRODUCE MY FRIEND (I want to introduce you to my friend)

    PLEASE SIGN AGAIN (Please sign again or please repeat)

    MEET WHERE? (Where do you want to meet?)



    A: Hello!

    B: Hi!

    A: What is your name?

    B: My name is _______________. What is your name?

    A: My name is ________________.

    B: Nice to meet you.

    A: Nice to meet you, too.


    A: What's up?

    B: Nothing. How are you?

    A: I am good/bad/so-so.

    B: What is your name?

    A: My name is ______________.

    B: Nice to meet you.

    A: See you later.

    B: See you tomorrow.


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