• Homecoming Dance Information
    The 2018 John Champe High School Homecoming Dance will be held at Champe on Saturday, October 20, from 8PM - 12Midnight.
    To attend the dance, you must purchase a ticket in advance! Tickets are $20 between 10/9 and 10/12 and increase to $25 between 10/15 and 10/19.
    To purchase a ticket, you must complete a Homecoming 2018 Permission Slip and get it signed by a parent.  Permission slips also can be picked up in the Main Office, the Library, or outside the SCA room, 2401.
    Tickets can be purchased:
    1. Outside the Cafeteria, during all lunches, from Tuesday, October 9- Friday, October 19. 
    Other important information:
    If you have a John Champe Deficiency (example: you owe the school money for a lost textbook), you will not be able to purchase a Homecoming ticket until the deficiency is taken care of. 
    • You may bring 1 guest who does not attend John Champe High School.  That guest's principal must sign the permission form; if the guest is not in school but is working, their employer must sign the form.  
    • No Guests 21 or older will be admitted.  No guests younger than 9th grade will be admitted.
    • Non-Champe guests must present photo ID at the dance in order to be admitted.  Valid forms of ID include driver's license, state-issued ID card, military dependent ID, or school ID.  Non-Champe guests without a valid form of photo ID will not be admitted to the dance. 
    • If you purchase a ticket for a guest who is not admitted to the dance due to lack of ID, you will not receive a refund.