Paid Tutoring
    The John Champe Tutor List contains the names of private, independent contractors who provide instructional services to the public for a fee.  They may not provide these services during LCPS hours or on LCPS property.  Parents who wish to retain one of these instructors should make arrangements directly with the tutor.  JCHS cannot guarantee the instructors’ licensure status, content of their private tutoring services, suitability for a particular child, or costs.  JCHS will not make recommendations about the relative merits of the instructors.  Claims or concerns about instruction provided through these private arrangements should be raised directly with the tutor not LCPS.
    Parent Resource Center
    A list of Loudoun County Public School employees interested in tutoring is available on the Parent Resource Center website. The Parent Resource Center does not get involved in the fees or scheduling.  They provide the contact information only.