• Educational Philosophy
    Just as a student's life proceeds well beyond the moment when they get off the bus in the afternoon, so too should our impact expand past the forty to ninety minutes between bells in which we are teaching curriculum.  This is the period of our students' lives in which they are transitioning into the persons that they will ultimately be, and therefore it is our duty as educators to facilitate the educational and emotional maturation of these young individuals, as well as encourage academic excellence for all students.  Through the forging of positive, encouraging relationships, we have the power to meaningfully impact hundreds of lives for the better.  While you cannot overlook the power of instruction, one would be misguided in believing that this is our only responsibility as teachers.  I understand that I am not teaching mathematics; I am teaching kids.
    "When one assesses a teacher one should not ask so much what did he teach me, but did he teach me how to learn."   -- R.S. Nyholm