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    Technical Writings
    Technical writing assignments are assigned at the start of each module rotation.  For this assignment students are instructed to select a technology or technological process to research. (There are online resources they can use for this assignment under "Useful Links for Students").  Students essentially read an article they select, and then summarize the article in their own words.  Students should follow 7th grade writing standards when completing their summary.  They should write in complete sentences, paragraph form, and be thorough when explaining the technology they've read about.  This assignment is to be completed prior to the end of the module rotation (each rotation duration is for 4 class blocks).
    Career Investigations
    Career investigations are assigned at the start of each module rotation.  For this assignment students are instructed to research a career they might be interested in pursuing when they finish school.  There is a link for the online career center under "Useful Links for Students."  Students research a different career with every module rotation.  Students will read about the following areas for each career and summarize them in complete sentences and good detail:
    Nature of the Work/What They Do - This covers their responsibilities  for their job.
    Working Conditions/Work Environment - This would include items such as the hours they work, the environment they work in etc.
    Training and Other Qualifications - This would include items that you would need to be qualified for this career. Things like education (high school diploma, Bachelor's Degree, etc.), licensure, as well as any re-certifications you'd need to remain qualified.
    Job Outlook -  This topic is about the future of this career.  Are jobs expected to increase, decrease, stay about the same etc., as well as if you'd face keen competition for job opportunities.
    Earnings - This heading summarizes how much money you'd make for this career. You can summarize this as a range or as an average earnings.  Be sure to document how often you're paid. For example, there's a world of difference between a salary of $40,000 per hour versus per year.   
    Related Occupations - This section is the only one that you don't have to write in complete sentences.  You are allowed to just write the names of two careers that are related to the one you researched.

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