• Technology and Engineering Education 7
    Welcome Parents! On this page you will find the resources/parent briefs on the different module stations your children will be taking over the course of the semester!  You'll also find the assignment details for their modules as well.  In conjunction with the module curriculum, you children will be completing several hands on projects throughout the semester.
    NOTE: 95% of the coursework for Technology Education 7 is done in class.  If your son or daughter misses class they can utilize their resource block or make arrangements with me to come in for extra help.  I'm available before or after school, but students should check with me the day before they want to stay after to ensure I'll be able to assist them.  If they stay after, they need to have a signed parent permission slip (school policy).
    Students will be required to complete a technical writing as well as a career investigation with each module they select.  These writing assignments are due at the end of each module rotation.  These assignments can be worked on when your son or daughter finishes early during class or they may be done outside of class (either at home or during resource).  Links for these sites as well as class documents can be found in Google Classroom. 
    Please select your child's module link below to get a summary of the topic your child will be learning about.
    Engineering Towers
    Package Design
    Research & Design
    Rocketry & Space