• Eagle Ridge Tech Ed


    Rob Skelton , Technology Education Instructor

    Technology Education Exploratory Grade 7 (ERMS)

    B.S. Technology Education
    M.S. Educational Leadership & Administration 

    Virginia Technology & Engineering Education Association Program of the Year 2004

    International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Program of Excellence 2005




    I believe students should have the experience of applying their knowledge to solve real world problems. Technology Education by its very nature is designed to provide students with active learning situations and opportunities to develop higher-order thinking skills through the application of knowledge, creativity, and resources to solve problems. These situations aid in their STEM development. STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering and Math. During their middle school years, students are required to take 18 weeks of Technology Education.  My course reinforces the Virginia Standards of Learning as well as complies with the International Standards for Technology Engineering Education.

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