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Lending Library Requests
The LCPS Assistive Technology Team created the lending library to enhance the educational experience and provide access for all LCPS students, with visual, physical, communication, and cognitive supports. We have six categories of materials available for LCPS staff to check out from our lending library, including theme-based adapted books, adapted toys, core vocabulary kits, MATHLIT kits, shoebox and work tasks, and professional resources. Our team created some new Adapted Book Kits and Core Vocabulary Kits over the summer, and more are on the way. We are always open to your suggestions. Scroll to the bottom of this page to login. Please note that you can check out two items from each category for a two-week lending period!
Adapted Book Kits incorporate theme-based adapted books with learning manipulatives, props, and visuals to support the story content. For additional adapted book resources, go to

Adapted book kit
Adapted Toys are modified to enable physical or visual access to play. Some toys have built-up handles, but most of the adapted toys are switch activated, and a basic pressure switch is provided. Please contact your AT Trainer if your students need a different type of switch or if you need assistance in using the toys.
 Adapted toys
Core Vocabulary Kits incorporate core vocabulary into everyday language opportunities with a variety of specific core word themed stories and hands-on experiences. Engage students to learn core vocabulary through stories, graphics, and the manipulation of concrete objects. Kits include adapted books, manipulatives, visuals, and reproducible resources. We have now added enCORE Kits to this section. Each kit contains a resource notebook with reproducible sheets filled with implementation ideas, data collection sheets, and an interactive book focusing on a core "word of the week." Each kit also contains a trade book and at least one activity or puzzle reinforcing use of the core vocabulary word. Users are encouraged to add to the kits and share implementation ideas. If you are interested in making your own word of the week activity kit, please contact your AT Trainer. For additional core vocabulary resources, go to
Sample Core Vocab Kit
MATHLIT Kits incorporate math-themed books with manipulatives, visuals, and adapted activities to integrate the literature with hands-on math experiences. To supplement the low tech resources included in the kit, there are additional high tech resources in our LCPS VISION course, with links to videos, PowerPoints, lesson plans, interactive whiteboards, and more.
Shoebox and Work Tasks provide structured hands-on activities to support students' skills and IEP goals, all contained within a box. Fine-motor tasks include sorting, sequencing, size, shape, colors, numbers, and more.
Shoebox work task    
Professional Resources include books and publications providing educational supports for a wide variety of special education  and Universal Design for Learning topic areas.

 Professional resources
For further information, contact the Assistive Technology office at (571) 252-2111.

Select the link below to login to the Lending Library to request your items.

Contact LCPS AT about this web site.
Last Modified on September 14, 2016

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