• Word Study Activities

    ·         You can do any of the following activities on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. If you are busy and don’t have as much time, maybe you can just take a minute and sort your words…or even just look at the words and spell them out loud.   

    ·         On Thursdays, I would recommend doing a “practice test” with a family member.  You can write the words or just spell them out loud.  You can also do a writing sort if a family member can’t help you.



    ·         Draw and Label….Draw pictures of at least 8 of your words and write the word next to the picture.

    ·         Put your words in ABC order   (You can also write the words in ABC order.)

    ·         Triangles / Pyramids

    ·         SING your words!  Use an opera, rap, country, hip hop, or rock voice when singing each letter of your word!

    ·         Change – O… write 1 word down at a time, and then change 1 or 2 letters or add 1 or 2 letters  (or 3 if needed) to make a new word.   Example:   bread                spread

    ·         Three Times Each….Just write your three times each.

    ·         Sentences… Use at least 8 of your words in 8 different “Fantastic 2nd grade sentences.”

    ·         Rainbow Words (colorful crayons)….Write your words neatly using 2 different crayons.  “Trace over with a different colored crayon.”

    ·         Story Time…Write a story using as many of your spelling words as you can.  You can make it silly!

    ·         Letter Blitz…. Pick at least 8 of your words.  Write the shape of the beginning letter of the word by writing the spelling word over and over again.   Your word will make the shape of the letter.

    ·         “Look, Say, Flip, Write, Check” -   Do this in your journal.  Use all of the words.  Look at the word, say it, and then flip it over, write the word in your journal, and then check to see if you spelled it correctly. 

    ·         Vowels and Consonants Recognition….You can either color the vowels 1 color and the consonants another color OR you can underline the vowels and circle the consonants. 

    ·         Musical Speed Sort….Listen to 1 song and see how many times you can “sort” your words.

    ·         Spellingcity.com….Log on to this website, enter 10 of your words and play some of the fun games!


    ·         Word Hunt…Skim through a book and try to find words that have the same “feature” as your set of words.  Example…. I’m looking for other words that have the “ee” spelling.

    ·          “Blind Sort”…. Have a family member or friend say the words to you, and then you just point to the heading it belongs to.  If you don’t have headings, just place 1 of each feature on the table/desk/floor and then point to the word that it would match up with.

    ·         “Writing Sort”….Set up columns with the “features” at the top.  Then, pick up 1 word at a time and write the word in the correct “features” column.  Try to write the word w/o looking at it.  Check to see if you are correct when you are finished writing the word.

    ·         Spelling Out Loud…Just have a family member tell you the word, and then you spell it out loud.

    ·         Spelling Chains:  Connect your words going up, down, or across.  (Just like the games Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Boggle.)

    ·         Matching Game….Place all of your words down and then pick up 2 and see if they match (have the same feature).  Try to make as many matches as you can.

    ·         Word Search…..Go to puzzlemaker.com and make a word search. 

    ·         Fancy Words….Write 10 of your words in a “fancy way.”  (Example: bubble letters, zig zag)