Ashburn Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement

    The Ashburn Elementary School Counseling program provides a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum will address the academic, career, and personal/social/emotional needs of each student. Our school has the belief that all students can achieve and grow into life-long learners prepared to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse society.

    Vision Statement

    The staff and students of Ashburn Elementary will work together to achieve high educational expectations and success. The school counseling program at Ashburn Elementary School supports all students while assisting them to recognize their full potential as learners and citizens of our community. The school counseling program is based on the following beliefs:

    ·        The program will be delivered in an equitable manner to all students through classroom guidance lessons.

    ·         Counseling services are accessible to every student through individual and small group formats.  

    ·        The school counselors will embrace the diversity of our student population while providing fair and equitable counseling services. 

    ·        All students will be taught to recognize what bullying is and identify a trusted adult who they could report to if needed. 

    ·        School wide data will be used in developing appropriate interventions to promote academic success for all students.  

    ·        The guidance lessons taught at each grade level are aligned with the Virginia Standards for School Counseling Programs. 

    ·        School counselors will advocate for children and families, collaborating with all school personnel and community members to support student success and achievement. 

    ·        The school counseling program will be evaluated and adjusted based on feedback from staff, students, and parents. 

    ·        The school counselors at Ashburn Elementary are committed to implementing a professional school counseling program that promotes learning and growth for each and every child who attends our school.