• Frequently Asked Questions about the Library
    What are the library's hours?
    The library opens every morning at 8:15 a.m. From Monday to Thursday, the library is open until 4:45 p.m. and on Friday it closes at 4:15 p.m.
    Do I need a pass to visit the library?

    You are free to visit the library before or after school without a pass.You do need an e-pass to visit the library during the school day (from class, lunch, or study hall.) 

    How long can I borrow a book?

    The loan period for books (including audiobooks) is three weeks.  Periodicals (magazines) are loaned for one week.  Reference books are for overnight or weekend check-out upon request. We can also photocopy pages you need.

     Does the library charge fines for overdue books?
    No, the library does not charge late fees for overdue books. We prefer that students manage their borrowed materials and return them when finished or renew them if needed.
    If an item is lost, students will be charged so that the item can be replaced.
    Can I renew books?

    Yes, if you need your materials for longer than the loan period, you can stop by the circulation desk to renew them. You do not need the physical book to renew.

    Can I use the library during my study hall?
    Yes, the library allows students in the study halls to visit the library. We will use e-hall pass with your study hall teacher to facilitate student traffic to the library. Students may come to the library for all or part of the period as determined by their study hall teacher and the library staff. 
    Can I come to the library during lunch?
    Yes, you can! We will use e-hall pass to provide students access to the library during lunch shifts.  Please finish your lunch before coming to the library;  we want to keep our books, furniture and carpet clean and pest-free.
     How do I find a book?

    You can search for books by title, author or subject using our online catalog (called Destiny Discoverer) which can be accessed from the computers in the library or from the library’s page on the school website. If you need assistance, please ask for help.

    Can I print? Where is the printer?

    Yes, students can use the computers and print in the library. The printer is located next to the computer area. Please be careful and print only what you really need in order to save paper and ink. Print PowerPoints as handouts. Do not print in color unless required for your assignment. Use "Review" before printing to catch typos and other errors. If you need help, please ask.

    How do I print a PowerPoint handout to save ink and paper?

    In the Print Dialog box, under Print : select Handouts from the dropdown menu. Next, select the number of slides per page that you’d like (usually 6), then click the print button.

    How can I access the databases from home?

    The best way is to use the LCPSGo app (also available as a website). Once you log in with your computer ID and password, you can find the databases with the Library Resources icon.You may also use links on the database page here on our website, but you will need to enter passwords for home use. (Database password handouts are available at the library circulation desk.) The librarians are always happy to assist students with research and can show students the best databases for your assignment.

     What if the book I need is checked out or you don’t have it?

    If our library doesn’t have the book you need, we can borrow it from another school library. The process takes 2-3 days to receive your book, so don’t procrastinate if it is for an assignment! You can speak with a librarian, or with Mrs. Silvernail at the circulation desk for help.

     Can I use my phone in the library?

    All school rules apply in the library. Students in the library with a class will follow their teacher guidelines for phone use, just as you would do in your classroom. The library allows use of phones and listening devices for quiet use; please silence your phone and do not place or receive phone calls while in the library. Music should not be loud enough for others to hear.

    Can I make photocopies?

    Yes, the library has a photocopier available for student use for schoolwork.

     Do you have a scanner? 

    The library can scan documents to your email with our copy machine. 

    Need more information?
    Check our mission and policies page, or ask a librarian.