• 4NewsWall - 4 News Wall presents the latest UK news condensed into animated GIFs. Students might use GIFmaker.me to create catchy news of their own to compare how the U.S. reported the same issue.

    BBC Bitesize Highlights - a resource for primary, secondary and adult learning. BBC Schools resources including classroom clips.
    BBC Learning English - Comprehensive & simplified news materials for intermediate to advanced ESL learners from the BBC World Service.
    BBC News - The world News from "across “the pond." Has a wide appeal for its journalistic style.
    Channel One - News created by and for teens that will interest teens. CNN - Lots of different types of articles, including clips from the shows and iReporting.
    CNN for teens – Designed for use in middle & high schools, previewing video content is recommended.
    Listen Current - Listen Current makes it easy to bring compelling NPR public radio stories to build student listening skills in the classroom.
    New York Times - Another great national paper.  Some articles are behind ads.  Just be patient.
    Newsela -  Every Article At 5 Levels!  Newsela allows an entire class to read the same content at a differentiated level.
    Newsweek - Newsweek provides the latest news,  analysis and ideas about international issues, technology, business, culture and politics.
    Scholastic News -  Quick easy to use site with bite size news.
    Tween Tribune – This Smithsonian site allows teens and tweens to submit content, while stories are selected by professional journalists.
    Time for Kids - A site with bite size news.
    U.S. News and World Report - Not just for the college rankings, this magazine provides in-depth coverage not available through Newsweek or Time.
    Washington Post - In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage on politics, business, world national news, some articles are behind a paywall.