• 6th Grade Art Contract


    I, (student name)_______________________________________________, understand and agree to abide by the following classroom responsibilities:


    1.      I agree to Respect Myself

    A) Be prepared and on time every day.

    B) Do my own, best work in every assignment.

    C) Be an active, positive participant in the classroom. (Ask questions by raising my hand)


    2.     I agree to Respect Others

    A) Be kind and patient with fellow students.

    B) Pay attention to, follow the directions of, and not interrupt the teacher (or substitute).

    C) Treat others better than the way I would want to be treated.


    3.     I agree to Respect Utilities (Materials)

    A) Use all materials only for their intended, instructed use. (i.e.: No, I will not use the rulers as swords)

    B) I will leave materials and the art room cleaner than how I found them every day.

    C) Ask questions if I am not sure of the right way to use a material.


    I also understand that if I make a negative impact in the class, the following consequences will be given:


    1)      First Reminder- A verbal warning.

    2)      Second Reminder- One on one talk with teacher/ isolated seating

    3)      Third Reminder- My teacher will email or call my parent/ guardian.

    4)      Fourth Reminder: I will be sent out of the room to the Dean, and a written misconduct will follow.

    5)      Severe Disruptions: I will be sent directly to the Dean without reminders.





    _______________________________________________________Student Signature/Date


    _______________________________________________________Parent Signature/ Date