Sight Word Memory
    Materials: 2 copies of sight words written on index cards, construction paper, card stock, etc
    1.  Turn cards over so that the sight word is not showing and spread the cards out
    2. Take turns turning cards over trying to make a match.
    3. Once game finished read the matches you made.
    Word Hide-a-Chip
    Materials: 10 sight word cards (written on index cards)
    1 chip (a small paper square to hide under the word cards, I put a sticker on a small piece of paper and use that as my "chip")
    1. Lay the words cards faced up in a straight line.
    2. Player 1 turns around
    3. Player 2 hides the "chip" under one of the word cards
    4. Player 1 turns around and tries to guess which word the "chip" is under
        Player 1 must say the word (Example: "Is the chip under the word like?"
    5. Player 2 Flips the word over to check. (Example: No it isn't under the word like")
    6. Player 1: Continues to guess until the chip is found
    7. Reverse roles, player 1 now hides the chip while Player 2 tries to find it.
    This game works best on the carpet.