• 3 P's in Virtual P.E.
    Be Prepared
    • Make sure to have all materials with you and ready for the day
      • Water bottle, notebook, pencil/pen, any equipment for the lessons
    • Bring headphones and a microphone 
    • When in a meeting with a teacher, always be paying attention to materials being taught
    • Make sure to go to the bathroom before or after your Special, when you have extra time
    • Have enough room to move around in for any activities we might do!

    Be Positive

    • Bringing excitement to each class helps encourage positivity towards everyone
    • Encourage others and help others.
    • Stay respectful of others whenever they are speaking and point out good points made by others
    • Pay attention when learning new information, you never know when the teacher might ask a question!
    • Speak when most appropriate, try not to cut others off when speaking
    • We have a limited amount of time together, let's make sure to keep the converstaion P.E. related!