•    At Discovery Elementary School, physical health is very important to us.  We work to guide students toward healthy choices whenever possible.  Therefore, we do not allow sugary snacks or other 'junk food' in the classroom. 
       Students are welcome to bring a snack to school to enjoy any time before our lunch break.  Snacks must be healthy.  Fruits and vegetables are great choices.  Cookies, candy, chips, etc. will not be allowed as a snack.
       Only water is allowed in the classroom.  Plenty of water is necessary for optimal health, and water will not stain others' clothing or attract unwanted visitors if spilled.  Students may bring their own water bottles, or use the water fountain in our classroom.
       Instead of a sugary treat to celebrate a student's birthday, the student's family may provide a healthy snack for the class, or non-food items such as bookmarks, special pencils, etc.  The student may also donate a book to our school library in honor of his/her birthday.  Please contact our librarian, Andria Donnelly, for more information.  If you have other ideas for birthday celebrations, suggestions are always appreciated.
       We will have 3 parties this year!  More information will be coming.  Party food must also consist of healthy choices. 
Last Modified on September 11, 2013