Ms. Suyi Chuang is one of the three Assistant Principals at Tuscarora HS and is responsible for students with last names from O-Z.

    Suyi Chuang comes to Tuscarora High School having served in LCPS's Department of Instruction for 15 years.  During this time, Ms. Chuang served as the division level Professional Learning Supervisor, Project Manager, K-12 Mathematics Supervisor and Specialist.  Prior to her service with the Department of Instruction, Ms. Chuang taught middle school and high school mathematics. Ms. Chuang is passionate about and commited to helping each student experience authenticity in teaching and learning. 

    A native New Yorker, Ms. Chuang loves to visit her family in New York City and visiting her alma mater, New York University.  In her spare time, Ms. Chuang continues her learning about equity and social justice, spends time with her husband and two Norwegian Elkhounds, and loves to knit/crochet.  

    Ms. Chuang currently supports the English Learners, Mathematics, and Science departments at Tuscarora High School.

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