• First Quarter Agenda:
    Unit 1 :  Measurements and Calculations
    Unit 2:   Matter and Density
    Unit 3:   Chemical Foundations: Elements, Atoms, and Ions
                           Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy
    Second Quarter Agenda:
    Unit 4:   Nomenclature
    Unit 5:   Modern Atomic Theory 
    Unit 6:   Chemical Bonding
    Unit 7:   Chemical Reactions: An Introduction
     Third Quarter Agenda:
    Unit 8:    Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
    Unit 9:    Average Atomic Mass
    Unit 10:  Chemical Quantities: An Introduction
    Unit 11:  Chemical Quantities and Stoichiometry
    Fourth Quarter Agenda:
    Unit 12:  Energy and Solids/Liquids
    Unit 13:  Gases
    Unit 14:  Solutions
    Unit 15:  Acids and Bases
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