School Bucks
  • The online program called “mySchoolBucks” is an upgrade to the “cafeprepay-pay4lunch” program. It replaced “cafeprepay” which is no longer available. We just got final permission to use the upgraded version Friday before school started and the program went live that night. By that time many other avenues of information had already been used about the old version. Unfortunately we were not able to get the old information pulled back or taken off of the school web pages. Due the demands of parents, wanting to make online payments, the new version was put in place as quickly as possible.

    We, in the Food Service Department, try to offer our parents a way to make online payments but strive to make sure you have the very best options and strongest online security available. The new version meets that goal.

    The funds on all accounts have been migrated into the new version and are ready to be used by the children in our schools. To view accounts, add funds, see usage history and more, students need to be registered with ” mySchoolBucks”. Once registered parents can access the information as they wish.

    There is a training web page that can accessed if anyone would like to learn more about this new version ( and there is a customer support department help number (855-832-5226) available as well.