• Welcome to the 7th Grade Stallion Band!
    Please take a look at the 7th Grade Band Calendar for the 2021-2022 SY:  7th Grade Band Calendar 2021-2022 SY 
    Make sure your name is on your instrument case and in your music book
     Standard of Excellence Book 2, Piano/Guitar - Bountiful Music
    - Standards of Excellence Book 2 (Blue)
    -  Percussion will also need the Alfred Percussion Book 1 (same as last year)
    -  Please always have at least one pencil for class.  Reed players please have at least 3 working reeds for class. 
    - Always have a pencil! Keep a few in your Instrument case
    - Practice Makes Progress.  There is no way to improve at anything without doing it often!  Be sure to practice regularly and update your practice calendar :-)
    - Remember to only bring your instruments on the days you have band and be sure to take them home so you can practice! :)