• Student Work Guide


    As the amount of student work that is sent home increases, you will begin to see several letters at the top of student work:


    MW-  Morning Work.  Work that students complete first thing in the morning after unpacking and before class begins.  This work is usually checked for completion.


    LC- Literacy Centers.  Work that is completed independently during literacy centers and is also checked for completion.


    If work is used as an assessment it will be marked with one of four letters:


    M- Meets standard.  This indicates mastery of the skill or content taught.


    E- Exceeds standard.  Student has not only mastered the required content, but has also displayed the ability to analyze and evaluate content or use content to create an original idea or product.


    P- Progressing towards standard.  The student has mastered some of the required content, but has not yet displayed full mastery.


    B- Below standard.  Student has not yet learned the required content or mastered the required skill.


    Some work that is sent home has been completed in order to help students master content, and is not used as an assessment.  This work will often be marked with a sticker, smiley face, or a personal comment.



Last Modified on September 20, 2015