birthday cake

    Below are a list of our students' birthdays. We will celebrate student birthdays with a song and cheer.  Students may choose to bring in a non-edible item to give to each member of the class on their birthday. (Ex: pencils, erasers, bouncy balls).  You may also make a contribution to the class such as a game or art supplies for all the class to use. 
    January:  Rana 1/2, Emma 1/8, Siddarth 1/14,                                         July:   Ryan and Sabiha 7/17, Sirish 7/27
                  Vihaan 1/21, Arjun 1/29                                                                  
    February:  Karishma 2/3                                                                          August:       
    March:       Ridhi 3/13, Makylah 3/16                                                        September:  Rachel 9/16
    April:         Filomena 4/2                                                                          October:      Lucy  10/2, Alex 10/26, Samarth and Vishakh 10/29
    May:         Bella 5/2                                                                                 November:  Anna 11/9
    June:                                                                                                      December:    Miki   12/22
Last Modified on August 20, 2019