• Marketing I Assignments and PPT Slides

    Weeks  1 and 2:Addressing Elements of Student Life 
    Aug. 31-Sept. 4:
    • Aug 31- Review class policies, syllabus, grading policies, and overview of marketing education program; Assign Student Biography PPT activity Mission Impossible"Mission Impossible".  Students work with partner to create brief PPT presentation to use as they introduce themselves or a classmate to the class.  This activity not only helps the class and teacher to get to know each other but reinforces the communication competency #43- Report information/data in an oral presentation accompanied by visual presentation software/printed aides.       Presentation Rubric Mission Impossible
    • Sept. 2:  PPT  Lesson- Guidelines for PPT Presentations Sample Mission Impossible presentation by Mrs. Belote; students have opportunity to "tweak" their presentation- class presentations begin last part of class.  35 Point Activity- NOT weighted in grade book- formative assessment for practice;  Sample PPT from Mrs. Belote  ; Review DECA leadership opportunities, benefits of memberships, opportunities and networking. 
    •  Sept. 4:   Class PPT presentations
    • Sept. 9:   Internet Safety Issues Internet Acceptable Use Policy PPT- Class Assignment- Students work with partner to apply knowledge of Acceptable Use Policy-  Assignment:  Students engage in class discussion regarding Acceptable Use Polices for the workplace.  Review sample of workplace policy and review LCPS and Marketing classroom policy. Marketing I students will work in small groups to research the problems and challenges of Internet Use in the workplace.  Students will select one of the key areas of concern for employers that was discussed in class, and create a PPT presentation that identifies the challenge, suggests ways that employers have addressed that challenge, and identify how that same challenge could be an issue in the marketing classroom.  Students provide a recommendation of how the issue should be handled in the marketing class.  50 Points Click on the links for class handouts:      Sample Workplace Policy      LCPS Acceptable Use Policy 2015
    • Sept. 11:  Class presentations- 
    • Sept.15:  Understanding Marketing and Business  PT Lesson:   Marketing Basics PPT Lesson;  Activity- Apply Marketing Mix to a product.  Students work in a small group to apply the marketing mix to the a new Tee shirt that they design for the school store OR any product of their choice.  
    • Sept. 17:  Complete Marketing Mix project
    • Sept. 21:  Deliver PPT presentations to class  50 points
    • Sept.  23: PPT Lesson- Types of Organizations -  Following PPT lesson, students work with a partner to research and develop PPT presentation on the non-profit organization of their choice and how they would market that organization.  Marketing A Nonprofit Organization Activity  50 Points
    • Sept. 25:   School Store Lab
    • Sept. 29:  Prepare PPT presentation for Nonprofit Organization
    • Oct. 1:  Deliver PPT presentations to class
    • Oct. 5:  Complete PPT presentations
    • Oct 7:   PPT Lesson: Marketing Functions- Following the PPT lesson, students work individually or with a partner to select a product and company of their choice and apply the seven marketing functions.  Email to mbelote@lcps.org.  50 Points.
    • Oct. 9:  Marketing Trends PPT Lesson - Following the PPT lesson, students work individually or with a partner to research current marketing trends and prepare a PPT presentation on ONE trend.  Rubric for PPT Presentation  50 Points
    • Oct. 12- HOLIDAY
    • Oct. 14- PSAT Day- no class blocks 1 and 2
    • Oct. 16:  Communicating in the Workplace PPT Lesson; Class Activity  50 Points
    • Oct.20:  Prepare basic written business communication.  Class Activity  50 Points (Belote out)
    • Oct. 22: Promotion video .  Video Lesson Sheet 50 Points (Belote out)
    • Oct. 26: Promotional Mix PPT Lesson- class activity
    • Oct. 29: Complete Promotional Mix activity
    • Oct. 30:  Last day of Quarter 1
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