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    Study Hall Procedures


     Students will bring work and are expected to work quietly, read, or somehow be productive (crosswords and brainteasers might be an option). An environment conducive to work will help students and teachers work productively.


    Electronic devices will be allowed in the study hall per teacher discretion provided they are not disruptive to other students or disruptive of another class (ie- student texting a friend who is in a classroom).

            Attendance will be taken each period. 
            Students may not leave study hall in the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes.


    We will use the hall passes in the student agenda as our passes out of study hall to go to the restroom, their locker, or nurse. In order to leave study hall, students must have a pass from the requesting teacher or specialized room of their destination.


    Students are to remain in your study hall room unless they have a pre-arranged pass to go to the Math Remediation Room (L406), English Writing Lab (601), or the Library.


    Please have students sign out in the provided Sign Out/Sign In log when they leave/return your study hall. 

Last Modified on August 15, 2019