• Geometry Information
    High School Course Test Policy
    We follow the high school test time frame.  All tests must be completed within the block the test is administered.
    Generally speaking, the Eagle Ridge Geometry team has created its own course content that we make available to all students.  However, you may access the LCPS Geometry textbook as an additional resource.  The  Geometry textbook this year is from the Pearson company and is called enVision Geometry.  The online version of the textbook can be found on LCPS Go.  Click here for some directions on finding the textbook on LCPS Go (your teacher might also have these instructions in Google Classroom).  Please note that sometimes not all online textbook classrooms are set up by the county by the start of the school year.  Thank you for your patience!
    Standards of Learning
    The 2016 SOLs for this course may be found here.
    Test ReTake Procedures
    Click here for grading and retake procedures for the 2019-2020 year.
    Formula Sheet 
    Click here for the Geometry 2016 SOL formula sheet.  
    Click here to view the LCPS Geometry syllabus.  The nine week plans can be found here.
    Online Graphing Calculator
    Some assignments may require the use of a graphing calculator.  The Desmos online calculator is a fantastic graphing calculator which is used by our Algebra and Geometry classes.  There are two versions, a public use one and one that is used by Virginia during Standard of Learning (SOL) exams.  You may learn about the differences between the two versions by clicking here.  Note that there are free Desmos apps available for iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores.
    We do several constructions with a straight edge and compass.   This web site provides an excellent step-by-step guide to constructions
    Class Notes
    Notes, study guides, and other important information for this class may be obtained by checking the Google Classroom for your teacher (join codes are given out in class).  Links to the Geometry teachers' web sites are given below:
    Mrs. Grieser's home page
    Mr. Boring's home page 
    Mrs. Broadfoot's home page