Welcome Trailblazer families! 

    I am very excited to be YOUR Parent Liaison and serve EVERY family at Discovery! During these challenging times, I wanted to reach out to my families to let them know I am here to support them in any way that I can. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns pertaining to the items listed below. Thank you and stay safe!


    Neremaan Qureshi



    Check for updates on the Parent Liaison website (under the Specialist tab)





    A Parent Liaison is a LCPS staff member, not a volunteer, who works to bridge the communication between school and home by helping parents get the information, help, and support they need to ensure their child's academic and social success in school. A Parent Liaison is to empower parents to become active participants in the education of their children.  Confidentiality is always upheld!



    The Parent Liaison will listen to your concerns and then work with you to make sure that your situation, questions, or point of view is expressed and understood. They will help support you if you need to find ways to resolve any issues that may be hindering your child's success in school. The Parent Liaison wants to be sure that you understand what you can do to get involved, keep informed, share information, and help your child do his or her BEST.

    Your Parent Liaison can connect you to important information including:

    ·       SOL Testing Dates

    ·       School Expectations

    ·       Kindergarten Registration

    ·       Special Education Process (IEP)

    ·       School rules/procedures

    ·       Contacting Teachers, Administrators and Counselors

    Your Parent Liaison can connect you to available resources/help including:

    ·       School Supplies

    ·       Public Library Use

    ·       Athletic Programs

    ·       Medical Assistance/Glasses

    ·       After School Programs

    ·       LCPS Parent Resource Center

    Your Parent Liaison can help you make a comfortable connection with the school:

    ·       Get help from an Interpreter

    ·       PTO (membership and volunteering)

    ·       Set up and/or Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences

    ·       Phone Calls and Home Visits


    Your Parent Liaison can connect you to support in crisis situations
     (emotional, physical, and academic):

    ·       Housing

    ·       Accidents

    ·       Illness

    ·       Substance and Physical Abuse

    ·       Food/Clothing (winter coats/hats/gloves)

    ·       Family Deaths

    ·       At Risk of Failing

    ·       Behavioral Issues


Last Modified on February 26, 2021